Websites are living things, and they’re one of the most important ways of connecting with your customers. You’ve invested considerable time, money and effort into making your online presences as good as it can be. For many businesses, the quality of a website directly affects revenues, profits, and success.

That’s why the right digital agency knows a website is never quite “done.” There are always tweaks and improvements to be made, new technologies to incorporate, and insights that can hone and improve the customer experience.

Understanding what makes a website work starts long before design, branding, content, or code. Building the perfect website comes from three main areas:

Understanding what you want your business to achieve -​­ Your goals for the near­, mid­, and long­term future.
Finding out about your customers’ needs​­ – What problems are you solving and how does that affect people’s lives?
Bringing business goals and customer needs together​­ – Creating a compelling, powerful reason for people to use your products and services.

The foundations of a good website come from using the right technology, to deliver the right message, to the right people, in the right way. Ultimately, a website is your shop window, a way for customers to see the unique benefits you provide and the value of your products and services.

That’s why it’s vital the customer experience is flawless. From the moment they arrive on your website, the right design, navigation, content, and technology should make browsing a pleasure, and lead them to make a purchase.

Every step of building a website is a collaboration, working openly to provide exactly what a business needs. Even after a website is built and delivered, the work doesn’t stop. Learning how the website is behaving and who’s using it is essential. That insight can be used to tweak, test and refine the website so it performs superbly.

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