There is a real problem facing the web development industry, more specifically facing freelance web designers.

The problem with web designers is that they can’t easily find good or affordable web developers to help them finish their websites, so they end up working with bad programmers who can’t deliver the pixel-perfect design they had in mind. They result in quitting working on designing websites altogether, and start focusing on other aspects of design.

However here at Qualtech, we have found the solution to this problem.

Many digital agencies hire web designers as freelancers, we have started an initiative that does the opposite. We want to help freelance web designers in building websites for their own clients.

Let’s say you are a web designer whose client asked to build a website for them. You have great design skills, you started building a really cool user interface website and you were able to convert the design to a simple HTML page. However your client wanted more, they loved your design but they wanted to integrate a CMS system that allows them to easily modify the website content. Unfortunately this is beyond your own skills, and you end up losing the client!

At Qualtech, we can help you keep your clients satisfied. All you have to do is send us the PSD/images files and we will transfer it to a fully functional website, with an easy to use back-end that allows your client to easily modify their website content (images, text, etc..).

To build your website we focus on the following:

1- Speed: We are fully aware of the importance of time, a client may be in hurry to finish a project, and unfortunately in the web development world, many developers don’t deliver on time. However at Qualtech delivering on time is on our top priorities.

2- Quality: Yes we deliver relatively fast, but rest assured, Quality is very important to us. We never compromise quality over speed and which is why we have developed workflows that allow us to deliver high quality in less time.

3- Pricing: All is good so far, but you may be probably thinking that the cost exceeds your league especially that you may be a freelancer or even still a student. This initiative takes that into consideration, that’s why we have special prices for professional freelancers and students.

4- Honesty: Business isn’t just about products but it also revolves around people, relationships, and respect. That’s why we highly value honesty and trust with our customers.

Qualtech provides high quality deliverables, that’s why we care to work with passionate web designers aiming to provide great designs.

So, this is a brief summary about our new initiative to collaborate with web designers, please feel free to contact us in case you have any question or if you need our help to transform your design to a fully functional website. We would love to hear from you.